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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Its January 14th- do you know what that means?

It means I have been burning up electrons on this humble blog for 4 years now. Who woulda thunk it? The BSU remains convinced that it is the single biggest time-waster in my life. It might just be, but I still like it.

I don't have anything significant to say about this blogversary except that it remains a fun outlet for me. I've met lots of interesting people because of WE and many of them I call my friends, even if I haven't yet had the privilege of meeting them in the flesh. To all of you, thanks for sharing you lives and loves with me.

If you've come around here for any length of time you've heard about 3 years of going to school nights and doing homework on weekends, trips to the desert for shooting, medical emergencies related to my spouse and most recently my Mom, who is recovering very nicely, my kid's adventures in growing into adulthood no matter how painful and occasionally my personal insights into the world around me, most usually, closely around me, here behind the Zion Curtain. Brother Tim took me to task recently for not sharing more of my opinion about the dumbasses that poplulate the world, so I suppose its time I fire up the invective machine and share some of the exploits of lesser known dumbasses with the rest of the world. I'll work on that. Oh look, here's one dumbass that stole a Nobel Peace Prize medal! See how easy that was?

Anyway, its a beautiful winter afternoon here in Utah and I should be skiing. Except that the head cold I've had for weeks refuses to go away and it is sapping my energy. I'm trying to take it easy this weekend and rest so that maybe I can finally beat this drippy nose and horrible cough into submission. Next weekend- I'll be skiing and working on Saturday and maybe I'll feel good enough to go to the gun show on Sunday.

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